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Special promotion for June!  Below is the latest drill.  Have someone record a video of you performing the drill then send it to us at [email protected]. Videos must be submitted no later than June 25th.  Submissions will be reviewed by PFC instructor staff and the submission with the best score will win a PFC Skills & Drills DVD, PFC T-shirt and be recognized in next month’s newsletter.

PFC Instructor Spotlight
Meet PFC Instructor, Andy Wiesmann


Andy Wiesmann is a law enforcement veteran and former supervisor having served for 20 years with a large police agency in Southern California. Wiesmann’s specialized assignments included service in the Gang Unit, SWAT and Training.

Andy earned his first instructor credential in 1985 and served for many years as a police academy and in-service training instructor. Andy has taught patrol tactics, active shooter response, tactical operations, less-lethal weapons, defensive tactics, and is a Court Use of Force Expert…Read more 

Gear Review: PV17

In this video, PFC’s Brian Hartman and Sean Hendrickson review the new Progressive Vector 17 (PV17) created through a collaboration between PFC and Glock Vector Industries. For years the cadre at PFC have been trying to find the perfect gun for fighting. After looking everywhere else, we decided that it doesn’t exist in a stock firearm so we created it! Brian Hartman and Mike Barnhart sat down with the guys at Glock Vector and detailed the specifications for the gun that would become the PV17. This video details all the modifications that come standard with the PV17 and why it is better than any other stock firearm on the market, to include serrations that run the length of the slide, shaved back-strap, no finger grooves on the front strap, extended magazine release, and stippling on the entire grip, to name a few.  
PFCtraining & Glock Vector Industries PV17
PFCtraining & Glock Vector Industries PV17

See the latest PFC/ drill video!
“PFC’s Pistol Competency Protocol” & - Pistol Competency Protocol & – Pistol Competency Protocol
Pistol setup with:
* 2 round magazine in well, empty chamber
* 4 round magazine in primary pouch
* Full magazine in secondary pouch
Shooter starts with foot touching base of target, weapon holstered, and runs from target to 24 yard line. Shooter draws weapon and attempts to fire. On experiencing FTF, shooter will perform immediate action (tap-rack ) while moving laterally and fire a Standard Defensive Response. On lockback, shooter will run from 24 yard to 12 yard line while performing an Emergency Reload. At 12 yard line, shooter will fire 2 rounds to body and 2 rounds to the pelvis. On lockback, shooter will run from 12 yard line to 6 yard line while performing an Emergency Reload. At 6 yard line, shooter will transfer weapon to support hand and fire 2 rounds to the head support-hand only.
* Scoring: 5 & 2 (2A zone, 4B zone, 2C zone…unintended are 2pts)
* Time Limit: 40 seconds.

***For every unused second, shooter will receive one extra point.
Give it a try!!

Upcoming Featured Training

Training Schedule – Courses Coming Soon!
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June 9, Progressive Handgun 1, El Centro, CA Enroll Now
June 10, Progressive Handgun 5, El Centro, CA Enroll Now
June 19-22, Combative Pistol Instructor Cert., Las Vegas, NV *
July 7, MDTS Edged Weapon Defense, Las Vegas, NV Enroll Now
July 16-19, PSOC/Protection Agent Development, San Jose, CA *
July 20, PSOC/Protective Pistol Skills, San Jose, CA *
July 28, Progressive Handgun 1, Denver, CO Enroll Now
July 29, Progressive Handgun 2, Denver, CO Enroll Now
Aug 05, Pistol Skills & Drills Clinic Las Vegas, NV Enroll Now
Aug 11, Progressive Handgun 2, Las Vegas, NV  Enroll Now
Aug 20-23, PSOC/Protection Agent Development, Seattle, WA*
Aug 24, PSOC/Protective Pistol Skills, Seattle, WA*

* Clearance required to enroll.  Contact PFC HQ to register.

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