Media Venue Program (MVP)

PFC is proud to offer our Media Venue Program (MVP) to industry partners and select clients.

Our Pioneer Annex Range Complex or “PARC” facility, located in the high desert 30 minutes south of Las Vegas, Nevada, is unrivaled in its unbridled capabilities, versatility, and photogenetic landscape. With terrain that flows from sweeping valleys to craggy cliffs to steep mountains, caves, CQB structures, and dozens of training vehicles, PARC serves as a prime location to capture your products, people, and marketing subjects in stills or video imagery. Ideal positioning allows for low light shooting even at high noon, minimal light pollution, as well as epic sunsets almost daily.

PFC’s Media Venue Program currently offers three packages to best suit your needs:

Option 1 – You send representatives and a full media crew to conduct your media modeling, direction, and imagery collection. PFC will provide escort, logistics support, and safety during your visit.

Option 2 – You send representatives (producers & potentially models) while PFC’s in-house media team captures imagery and performs post-production work according to your direction.

Option 3 – You send merchandise to PFC, who will handle all aspects of modeling, product-specific, and/or action-specific imagery collection through post-production and delivery.

Contact PFC to discuss your projects or interests and receive a free quote.