Las Vegas, NV
28 Jan 2023

Course Schedule

Trauma Care and Immediate Response (TCAIR) – Las Vegas, NV

Progressive FORCE Concepts - Headquarters 2960 E. Sunset Road, Suite 125, Las Vegas, Nevada

The PFC “TCAIR” training program aims to span the bridge of job, environment, and mission-specific in-extremis pre-hospitalization trauma care (at times under fire) for individuals of all skill levels. As […]

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C4C Police Jiu-Jitsu Level One – Battleground, WA

REGSITER AT C4CPJJ.COM   C4C Police Jiu-Jitsu Level One (2/20-23, 2023) - $950.00/pp  A "game plan" or course curriculum comes with each level that can be used as the department's […]