Summer time brings an action packed schedule of open and closed programs across the United States.  Enjoy this edition of our monthly newsletter and check out the Progressive FORCE Concepts YouTube page for the latest reviews and drills.

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PFC Instructor Spotlight – Meet Veteran PFC Instructor, Chris Fry.



Chris Fry is a life long martial arts student and instructor who has specialized in high-intensity force-on-force combative simulation training since 1990. Chris holds instructor certifications in the Filipino martial arts, Jeet Kune Do, multiple karate systems, Combat Concepts, less-lethal weapons, Fear Adrenaline Stress Training (F.A.S.T.), and various NRA and tactical firearms training programs. Chris is currently active in the executive protection industry working as a Protection Agent for PFC Safeguards. Additionally, Chris has graduated numerous commercial handgun, shotgun, carbine and tactical training courses conducted by industry experts totaling 1,000 plus hours of training.  Read more.


Gear Review: HTC “Low Profile System”

In this video, PFC’s Brian Hartman reviews the HTC Low Profile System.  Watch as he demonstrates a variety of real life movements and scenarios while concealing a full kit of gear. - HTC – HTC “Low Profile System”

Thank you to all who supported the Combat Cancer Challenge!

 PFC extends a sincere “thank you” to everyone who participated, volunteered and donated to the Combat Cancer Challenge.  Because of everyone’s contribution,we raised over $5,300.00 to benefit the Lyman Family!    The turn out was great and everyone had a good time despite the weather.  Pictured above is Chad Lyman (red shirt) and some of the PFC Headquarters Team.


See the latest PFC/ drill video!

“3 Way & 5 Way”
PFCtraining & -
PFCtraining & – “3 Way & 5 Way”

Give this drill a try.  PFC Chief Instructor Brian Hartman created this drill to help shooters with engagements when the lower body is not ideally oriented toward the threat.

Upcoming Featured Training

May 5th, 2012 / 9am-5pm

Tactical Indoor Defense & Evacuation (TIDE)

May 6th, 2012 / 9am-5pm

Tactical Indoor Defense & Evacuation II
(TIDE 2)


 Hosted by @ ARFCOM HQ!

Training Schedule – Courses Coming Soon!
Register early to guarantee enrollment.
May 1-3, NYTOA Training Conference & Expo, Verona, NY
May 5, Tactical Indoor Defense & Evacuation (TIDE), NY Enroll
May 6, Tactical Indoor Defense & Evacuation II (TIDE 2), NY Enroll
May 14-16, Protective Driving Operations Cert., Las Vegas, NV *
May 17-20, PSOC/Protection Agent Development, Las Vegas, NV *
May 21, PSOC/Protective Pistol Skills, Las Vegas, NV*
May 27, Progressive Handgun 2, Las Vegas, NV Enroll
June 9, Progressive Handgun 1, El Centro, CA Enroll
June 10, Progressive Handgun 5, El Centro, CA Enroll
June 19-22, Combative Pistol Instructor Cert., Las Vegas, NV *
July 7, MDTS Edged Weapon Defense, Las Vegas, NV
July 16-19, PSOC/Protection Agent Development, San Jose, CA *
July 20, PSOC/Protective Pistol Skills, San Jose, CA *
July 28, Progressive Handgun 1, Denver, CO
July 29, Progressive Handgun 2, Denver, CO

* Clearance required to enroll.  Contact PFC HQ to register.

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