UNLV – Protection Agent Development (PAD) April 2019

April 8 – 11, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

This Protection Agent Development training module is designed exclusively for private security, Federal Government, DoD and LE professionals interested in learning principles and procedures for modern executive protection and personal security of high net-worth or ‘at risk’ individuals. Instruction covers contemporary methods for low visibility personal security in permissive to semi-permissive environments where a low to moderate threat exists. This highly academic and practical application-based training module creates a comprehensive and balanced foundation for prospective or current members of protective details. Subject matter comprises the most progressive and relevant doctrine currently available for individuals seeking instruction in modern EP practices. The primary goal of PAD is to professionally educate and train those tasked with protective operations. Regardless of background or current assignment, students are trained to operate as a team. It is critical that protection agents exhibit professionalism, demonstrate fluid proficiency, and act with confidence in their abilities. To achieve and enforce this, students are held to a high standard and expected to perform. This is a certification program component and various forms of testing and evaluation are utilized to measure the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities for graduation.

All applicants must be approved to register. Please contact our offices at 702-647-1126 or by email info@pfctraining.com.


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