PFC Training November 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to issue number three of our new monthly
newsletter series.  The feedback on these newsletters has been overwhelmingly positive and we love bringing you the latest PFC news and information.  We’ve got some big announcements in this issue that we’re really excited about.  We’ve also got the third and final installment of the article “Self-Defense Decision-Making”.  And make sure to read though the information on ourbrand-new firearms training format (major updates!) and then check out the new course dates to see when you can get plugged in to this great new training series. 

Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts celebrates 15-year anniversary! 
PFC Class #1, Steve Krystek: bottom row, center.
It’s true, this November, PFC enters its 15th year in business.  Founded by Steve Krystek who started teaching firearms classes in the 90’s while stationed in San Antonio on Active Duty, Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts was initially conceived as a delivery system for innovative training programs (F.O.R.C.E. being the acronym for “Force Options for Resolving Combative Encounters”).  Chief among these was PROTOCOM, or Progressive Total Combat, a system of interlocking tactics expressed through pistol, edged-weapon, and empty-hand fighting skills.

Over time the PFC curriculum expanded, the instructor team grew and PFC courses spread across the US and beyond.  Since the beginning, PFC Training has now reached 10,000 students through over 1,000 courses delivered to hundreds upon hundreds of military, law enforcement, security and private sector groups.  And over the years the business itself has grown into separate divisions encompassing protective operations, special projects, consulting and our CrossFit affiliate, Progressive FORCE CrossFit.

Much has happened since the early days at the Blackhawk Shooting Range in San Antonio, TX.  But PFC’s commitment to excellence, both in the quality of our services and our contribution to modern training doctrine remains our uppermost priority.  And to recognize our 15 year milestone and say “thank you” to those of you receiving and reading our monthly newsletters, we are offering a special anniversary promotion for all 2012 handgun & carbine courses.  Use discount code PFC15415to enroll in any 2012 Progressive Handgun or Progressive Carbine training course before January 1, 2012, and you will receive 15% off the course tuition.  You may enroll online or contact our office at or 702-647-1126.  Be sure to have the discount code ready!

New PFC Progressive Shooting Doctrine unleashed in 2012!

This is it, the latest evolution of our constantly-sharpened firearms programs. PFC has successfully combined our latest curriculum updates with a user-friendly delivery system.  This new approach will make it particularly convenient for our students who travel to train with us and those who have limited time and opportunities to attend courses.  Using a completely modular approach to critical shooting sub-topics, this instructional format will make it easier in 2012 for you to get, as well as maintain, the PFC edge. Read More


The PFC YouTube Channel is now LIVE!For everyone who has ever wanted to have 24-access to the PFC Knowledge Bank, that time has come.  Our PFC YouTube channel is LIVE with instructive videos on pistol-work, carbine tactics, combatives and indoor combat.  Take a look, see what we have for you and then let us know what information YOU would like to see in future videos.  WNov.e already have a TON of great material planned for the upcoming months, so be sure to check back often.  Remember, this channel is all for YOU, so keep in touch and tune in anytime you need a Tactical Booster Shot.  Check it out here


Check out the remaining course dates for 2011 and brand-new dates for 2012.  Sign up today! 
Remaining 2011 Open Programs:

Nov 8-9, Combative Carbine Skills, Las Vegas, NV $375.00  Enroll
Nov 10-11, Advanced Carbine Workshop, Las Vegas, NV $750.00
Dec 4, PFC Pistol Clinic, Las Vegas, NV $60.00  Enroll
Dec 14-18, Protective Security Operations Cert. (PSOC), Austin, TX

Upcoming 2012 Course Dates:

Jan 8, Pistol Skills & Drills Clinic, Las Vegas, NV $75.00 Enroll

Jan 14-15, CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Course, Las Vegas, NV $595.00

Jan 27, Progressive Handgun 1; Fighting Foundation, Oneida, NY $200.00 (discounts apply) Enroll

Jan 28, Progressive Handgun 5; Low-Light Engagements, Oneida, NY $200.00 (discounts apply) Enroll

Jan 29, Tactical Indoor Defense & Evacuation (TIDE), Rochester, NY $200.00 (discounts apply) Enroll

Feb 5, Carbine Skills & Drills Clinic, Las Vegas, NV $75.00 Enroll

Feb 13-17, Full-Spectrum Operator Course, Las Vegas, NV $1,747.20

Feb 20-23, PSOC-Protection Agent Development, LV, NV $1,120.00

Feb 24, PSOC-Protective Pistol Skills, LV, NV $280.00

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years.  We look forward to forging another 15 years (and more!) of best-in-class training and service.  Contact us anytime if we can assist your training needs.  Stay safe this holiday season.

Best regards,
The PFC Team

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