Home Invasion Defense 1 – November 2019

November 9, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

If there is an intruder in your home, you must get out or defend in place. Home Invasion Defense 1 is an eye-opening 1-day class that teaches armed citizens how to safely evacuate their home or defend what’s most valuable…family or friends. Through lecture, technical drilling and practical exercises, students will learn about home defense concepts, basic methods for structure clearing, defense-in-place strategies, and armed tactical movement when evacuating the home. This class is ideal for anyone who owns a firearm and is concerned about what to do in the event of a home invasion. Training topics will include practical weapon storage in the home, home defense planning and at-the-ready kit, principles of home defense, use-of-force, home invasion scenarios and decision making, calling the police, building traits & nomenclature, armed movement in the home, negotiating hallways, managing doors, room entry, searching spaces, hard-pointing and defending, verbal commands, crisis evacuation, managing and moving family members, 4-Dimensional Firearm Defense, and what to do/expect when things are safe. Instruction is 60% dry with inert training weapons and 40% conducted with non-lethal specially converted weapons, personal protective equipment, and dye marking cartridges (DMC). State of the art DMC performance-based training includes “Force-on-Target” drilling and “Force-on-Roleplayer” tactical scenarios, which allow students to exercise their tactics and decision making under the most realistic conditions. All UTM non-lethal training ammunition and use of converted weapons are INCLUDED in the course tuition. No live ammunition is required and there are no pre-requisites.

Enrollment: Open to civilians & armed professionals

Cost: $295.00 per student (Firearm and Ammunition Included)