Progressive Handgun 4; Low Light Engagements (PH4) October 2019

October 24, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

PH4 provides students the latest fight winning principles, tactics and techniques for deadly force personal defense in low-light environments. Through the proper use of equipment coupled with perpetual motion and sound fundamentals, we create illusory effects as well as virtual cover where none previously existed. Don’t be afraid of the dark! Training topics include the Principles of Low-Light Combat, Light Selection, Carry & Use, Flashlight-Assisted Shooting Techniques, Flashlight/Weapon Manipulations, Low-Light After-Action Assessments, Barricade Tactics & Reactive Movement Review, Low-Light Movement Drills, and Low-Light Tactical Shooting Exercises.

Prerequisite: Progressive Handgun 1 (PH1)

Enrollment: Open to qualified citizens, law enforcement, security personnel, Department of Defense, and government agencies/contractors.

Required Student Equipment:

  1. Serviceable semi-automatic pistol.
  2. 500 rounds (estimated) of serviceable pistol ammunition.
  3. Dominant-Side Belt or Paddle Holster ***
  4. Three (3) pistol magazines and 2 magazine pouches (minimum).
  5. Quality hand-held flashlight from a reputable manufacturer (Preferably 2).
  6. Spare flashlight batteries; and a spare lamp module (desired; not required).
  7. Hearing Protection and Eye Protection (to include clear eye protection for training after dusk).
  8. Hat with Brim.
  9. Clothing appropriate for outdoor range environment and weather conditions.
  10. Concealment Garment (if desired).

*** Blackhawk Serpa model holsters (and/or SIMILAR) are strictly prohibited during live fire range training and banned in all PFC Training classes for safety reasons. For copies of PFC’s and the Federal Government’s policies regarding the use of Blackhawk Serpa holsters, contact PFC HQ.

Cost: $225.00 per student

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