PFC Training January 2012 Newsletter

Happy New Year from PFC!

We hope all of you had a safe an enjoyable holiday season.  We here at PFC are very excited about 2012. With new training programs, updated courses, and the growing number of locations nationwide training will be offered, we have much to look forward to in the New Year.

Our January issue brings another content-rich newsletter for you.  In this edition we have two great articles.  The first is from long-time PFC instructor Chris Fry with some valuable insights on edged-weapon carry and deployment.  In the same vein, be sure to check out PFC Chief Instructor Brian Hartman’s article on holster selection criteria.  And in this month’s Instructor Spotlight series, we introduce you to Brian where he shares his thoughts on what it means to develop the cutting-edge doctrine PFC is known for. 

Article:  “Holster Selection Top Ten”

Are you overwhelmed by the seemingly endless number of holster styles and systems on the market?  Not sure just which holster is the best option for you?  Well, you’re in luck because PFC Chief Instructor Brian Hartman has boiled things down to this list of the top ten most critical factors you need to consider when selecting your next holster.
Read More

PFC Instructor Spotlight – Meet PFC’s Chief Instructor, Brian Hartman!


In this installment of Instructor Spotlight, we get to know Brian Hartman.  Brian is a long-time member of the PFC instructor cadre and through his innovative curriculum design, he has made his mark on PFC doctrine in significant ways.  Brian’s real-world experience in multiple arenas combined with his progressive approach to training, make him a leading authority in the industry and an asset to the PFC Training team.  Read More


Las Vegas Shooting Clinics have moved to the Clark County Shooting Park for 2012.


In the coming year, we will be running our monthly combative shooting clinics at the Clark County Shooting Park. These half-day training sessions offer shooters maximum ‘bang for their buck’ and on-going skill maintenance with professional instruction from the PFC staff. Clinics are four-hours long and less than half the cost of a full day of training. Each event focuses on a different, specific skill-set with either handgun or carbine weapon systems. There is no better way to stay current and keep your edge sharp in 2012!  Read More


Featured Course Announcement:
Tactical Indoor Defense & Evacuation (TIDE) @ the new headquarters in NY!    

TIDE is an eye-opening seminar that teaches armed professionals and citizens how to safely defend themselves or someone else indoors. Students will learn the strategies of structure clearing, defense in-place and tactical evacuation through lecture, technical drilling and practical exercises. Join us on January 29th for this exciting event and the first ever training conducted at the brand new headquarters for near Rochester, New York.  Read More  


Check out the open class dates for 2012. Register early to guarantee enrollment! 
Upcoming Training Events:

Jan 8, Pistol Skills & Drills Clinic, Las Vegas, NV  Enroll
Jan 14-15, CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Course, Las Vegas, NV *
Jan 27, Progressive Handgun 1, Oneida, NY  Enroll
Jan 28, Progressive Handgun 5, Oneida, NY  Enroll
Jan 29, Tactical Indoor Defense & Evac., Rochester, NY  Enroll
Feb 5, Carbine Skills & Drills Clinic, Las Vegas, NV  Enroll
Feb 6-9, PSOC/Protection Agent Development, LV, NV *
Feb 10, PSOC/Protective Pistol Skills, LV, NV *
Feb 13-17, Full Spectrum Operator Course, Las Vegas, NV *
Mar 4, Pistol Skills & Drills Clinic, Las Vegas, NV  Enroll
Mar 24, Progressive Handgun 1, Las Vegas, NV  Enroll
Mar 27-30, PSOC/Protection Agent Development, San Diego, CA *
Mar 31, PSOC/Protective Pistol Skills, San Diego, CA *
Apr 15, Progressive Carbine 1, Las Vegas, NV Enroll
Apr 18-21, PSOC/Protection Agent Development, Phoenix, AZ *
Apr 22, PSOC/Protective Pistol Skills, Phoenix, AZ *

* Clearance required to enroll. Contact PFC HQ to register.

Thank you to all who supported us this past year and remain committed to the highest standard of excellence in training and operations. Stay safe in the New Year and we look forward to being your ‘go to’ resource in 2012!

Best regards,
The PFC Team

Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts LLC
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