PFC Training April 2013 Newsletter

Doughty Fundraiser Raffle
PFC Instructor Spotlight – Pete Tyler
    ‘Hard Target’ Article by Chris Doughty, PFC Asia Pacific
April Firearms Drill Video – Modern Malfunction Clearance!

PFC CrossFit Hosts Double Under Skills Seminar
UNLV PSPC Program – Protective Services Training
PFC Training Calendar

Chris Doughty Raffle

PFC instructor and Director of Training for PFC Asia Pacific in Australia, Chris Doughty, has learned that he has cancer. He has undergone surgery and is currently recovering. Chris has always been a fighter and exhibited the PFC DNA to the core… for this reason, PFC and Valkyrie Combat are joining forces to raise funds for Chris via a raffle.  For the next couple of weeks, we will be selling $10 raffle tickets for Valkyrie’s V17, the next improved evolution of a purely combat oriented Glock 17 spec’d by PFC Training. Displaying their support and generosity, Chris Fry at MDTS is also throwing in a 1-day pistol course, Raven Concealment have added a Vanguard2 concealment holster, double mag pouch and Phantom Holster, Talos Elite has added (4) Klarus XT2C flashlights, Rob Pincus has added a set of his ICE Training claw emergency manipulation sights and mag base plates as well as one of his Combat Focus Evolution books, Mike from Allstar Tactical added a forged M4 lower, Ted from Sentinel Arms added a Sentinel billet lower and the guys from High Ground Gear added a Ring Sling!!! There will be one grand prize drawing and several alternate prizes being drawn.
There is no limit on the number of tickets you may purchase and 100% of the funds raised will be given directly to Chris for his medical bills… Thank you in advance for any and all help.

 PFC Instructor Spotlight: Pete Tyler

Pete Tyler brings to PFC a diverse and uniquely qualified background of instructional capabilities and operational expertise. Pete’s law enforcement career spans over 21 years and includes assignments as a Patrol Officer, Sergeant, Training Coordinator and Lieutenant. He currently he serves as the Sr. Deputy Chief of Police where he oversees the Patrol Division, Training Unit and Special Operations Group for a police department in Upstate New York.




The Latest Firearms Drill Video:
 “Failure to Extract Refunction Drill”
PFC instructors Brian and Chris got together in Arizona for a bit of training on clearing a common issue that remains stuck in a tedious sedentary past… sometimes the better path turns out to be the easier one. - Failure to Extract Refunction for the Modern Pistol Shooter – Failure to Extract Refunction for the Modern Pistol Shooter

PFC CROSSFIT Special Event! 

Upcoming Featured Training:
UNLV Protective Services Professional Certification (PSPC) Program
May 13-19, 2013 / Las Vegas, NV


Module #1 – Protective Driving Operations Course (PDOC) – 3 Days 

Proper usage of motor vehicles is a critical factor and requirement in executive or protective security operations. Safe and proper conduct can make the difference between clients being pleased or dissatisfied at best, or injured or killed at worst.  See full course details via link below…


 Module #2 – Protection Agent Development (PAD) – 4 Days 

This Protection Agent Development training module is designed exclusively for private security, Federal Government, DoD and LE professionals interested in learning principles and procedures for modern executive protection and personal security of high net-worth or ‘at risk’ individuals. S ee full course details via link below..


     PFC Training Schedule!       
Register early to guarantee enrollment!
Apr 13 – Code 4 Combatives Clinic, Las Vegas, NV
Apr 15-20 – ILEETA Conference, Chicago, IL

Apr 23-25 – NYTOA Conference, Verona, NY

Apr 27 – Rx Jump Rope Double Under Clinic, Las Vegas, NV
May 11 – PFC CrossFit Kettlebell Clinic, Las Vegas, NV
May 13-15 – UNLV/PSPC Protective Driving Operations
Las Vegas, NV
May 16-19 – UNLV/PSPC Protection Agent Development
Las Vegas, NV
May 20 – PSOC/Protective Pistol Skills (PPS)
Las Vegas, NV

Jun 2 – Carbine Skills & Drills Clinic, Las Vegas, NV

Jun 8 – Tactical Indoor Defense & Evacuation, Las Vegas, NV

Jun 15 – Code 4 Combatives Clinic, Las Vegas, NV

Jun 17-20 – PSOC/Protection Agent Development (PAD)
San Jose, CA
Jun 21 – PSOC/Protective Pistol Skills (PPS)
San Jose, CA
Jun 29 – Progressive Handgun 3; Movement Under Fire
Las Vegas, NV
Jun 30 – Progressive Handgun 4; Extreme Engagements
Las Vegas, NV
See the complete PFC Training Schedule Page for more!
Check our website, Facebook and YouTube channel for frequent updates.  Stay safe and we hope to train with you soon!

Best regards,
The PFC Team

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