High Speed Marksmanship 2 – October 2019

October 13, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

In defensive and competitive shooting, speed and accuracy are everything.  Beyond that, those fundamentals must be practiced correctly in order to achieve the performance at a subconscious level. Instinctive shooting or reactive shooting is something that can be learned once the basics of learning to be efficient have already been ingrained.

High Speed Marksmanship 2 will teach you the skills required to become more of an instinctive shooter. This class will focus on building more speed, relying on natural instincts, being able to see faster, and forcing you outside your comfort zone to ultimately shoot and move faster. Shooting and manipulation of your trigger will no longer be the focus (as its covered in HSM 1). Movement, natural point-of-aim, speed shooting, transitions, and seeing faster will all be covered in this intense course.

In High Speed Marksmanship 2, you will learn:

  • Managing recoil to maximize speed shooting
  • Fast trigger manipulation without disturbing sights
  • How to properly point the gun
  • How to see faster when running the gun
  • Better timing when running the gun
  • How to increase draw speed
  • How to increase reload speed
  • Moving in and out of positions
  • Shooting and moving
  • Shooting while moving

Dry techniques and live fire drills are used throughout the course. Dry fire will focus on mastering movement and live fire drills will be used to bridge the gap between movement and shooting. Speed shooting and world record-breaking competitive shooter JJ Racaza instructs this technical handgun class designed to help you become a faster, accurate shooter. Your manipulations with the handgun, your marksmanship, and your ability to perform at high speeds will be pushed to the limit.

Lead Instructor:

JJ Racaza, a 3-time world speed shooting champion, has broken and held multiple world speed shooting records. JJ is a 3 Time US Gold Team Member for the World Shooting Championships leading the US Team in 2011 and 2014 to a Gold Team Medal. In 2011, JJ was ranked #2 in the world in the open category and in 2014 he was #2 in the production class and in 2017 #2 in the world in the open category. JJ is a former federal law enforcement officer, Lead Firearms Instructor, Training Officer, and law enforcement academy instructor.

Pre-requisite: HSM

Cost: $295.00 per student

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