Intermediate Protective Pistol Skills (IPPS)

Course Details

Intermediate PPS begins on Day-1 by combining the proven foundation of PFC’s Combative Concealed Handgun and core Protective Pistol Skills curriculum.  Moving to the next level, we continue on Day-2 with more nuanced skills that challenge and develop student proficiency; both individually and as a team member.  These additional training topics include high performance threat engagement, Check-Cover Drills, dynamic movement drills, joining in-progress, Team Barricade Tactics, Principal Barricade Tactics, and introductory stages of the Detail Assault Response & Evacuation (DARE) Drill Series.  Students will also participate in the Congested Space Armed Response Skills Test for practice and standards evaluation.  IPPS training concludes with Attack-on-Principal (AOP) scenarios that incorporate decision making under duress, teamwork, and trauma care skills. No other EP-centric firearms instruction offers the same experience in two solid days of training.  This course will better prepare protection agents for high liability and high stakes armed use of force.


Course Length: 2 Days

Enrollment: Open to active security professionals, law enforcement, Department of Defense, government agencies, eligible government contractors, and approved civilians with a security industry affiliation

Pre Requisites: Must be employed by approved organization or currently have a security industry affiliation accepted by PFC Training management.

Cost: $650.00 per student

Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to book off-line: 702.647.1126