Handgun Optics Skills & Tactics (HOST)

Course Details

HOST aims to develop miniaturized red dot sight skills for the defensive handgun practitioner, allowing them to deploy this revolutionary technology with competence and confidence. Topics covered will include: optic pro’s and con’s, selection & maintenance, zeroing procedures, biological optical gunfight response exploitation, refining the three metrics (speed, distance, & accuracy), troubleshooting & diagnostics, 1-handed & bilateral operation, optic problems mid-fight, barricade tactics, low-light operation, multiple-threat management, and multiple skills tests. Adding a red dot to the fighting handgun is far different from merely changing out one’s iron sights. Join us to help safely and efficiently unlock your new potential with this modern handgun sighting option.

Course Length: Two Days

Enrollment: Open to qualified citizens, law enforcement, security personnel, Department of Defense, and government agencies/contractors

Pre Requisites: Progressive Handgun 1 (PH1) or Red Dot Handgun (RDH)

Cost - Las Vegas, NV: $600 per student

Cost - Mobile Program: $600 per student (12 student minimum required)

Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to book off-line: 702.647.1126