Las Vegas, NV
04 Aug 2021

Gabrielle Lang

Vice President, GOC Operations

Gabrielle Lang brings to PFC over 27 years of experience in law enforcement, security, and training operations, federal contracting, and executive management.  Starting from the ground level, Gabrielle graduated from the Panhandle Regional Law Enforcement Academy (TX) and served for 8 years as a reserve police officer while beginning her career in the nuclear security field.  Over time, she promoted to senior-level positions overseeing operations for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).

At the onset of her career with the Department of Energy, Gabrielle held multiple positions within protective force operations for two Category I Special Nuclear Material sites.  During her time as a protective force member, Gabrielle was assigned to a Special Response Team (SRT) dedicated to the protection of critical national assets, trained in crisis response, individual and team tactics, and Close Quarters Battle.  After assuming a role as Tactical Commander for a Category I NNSA site, Gabrielle also worked as an Advanced Weapons & Tactics Instructor, providing instruction to both civilian law enforcement agencies and government protective forces.

Gabrielle earned the distinction of becoming one of only 3 women to ever serve on the Department of Energy’s elite Composite Adversary Team (CAT).  As a member of the DOE’s CAT team, Gabrielle was tasked with postulating adversary forces during full scale force-on-force exercises, simulating attacks on nuclear sites, and evaluating the effectiveness of defense strategies.  Gabrielle’s knowledge of high value target analysis and vulnerability identification laid the foundation for her next position involving performance testing of security operations as a Senior Adversary & Exercise Controller.  Gabrielle was also trained and certified as a Department’s explosive breacher.

As Gabrielle’s contractor experience for the federal government evolved, she was hand selected to multi-task as the corporation’s Public Affairs Officer.  In this role, she provided communication strategies and interface with media entities to maintain excellent government and public relations for her organization.  Gabrielle then became a Senior Program Analyst at the Program Office for all Safeguards & Security operations at 8 NNSA sites; the Office of Defense Nuclear Security located in Washington, D.C.  Considered a subject matter expert on protective force operations and performance testing, Gabrielle provided program oversight, policy interpretation, and operational guidance to federal officials tasked with overseeing 1,800+ security forces guarding Special Nuclear Material throughout the United States.  During Gabrielle’s tenure as a Senior Program Analyst, she was tasked with supporting the development of federal law, departmental policy, Inspector General and Congressional inquiries, and the assessment of an annual Field Security Budget in excess of $700 million dollars supporting all Safeguards & Security operations in the NNSA.

While supporting the Office of Defense Nuclear Security, Gabrielle was personally tasked under the auspices of interagency harmonization as the contractor liaison to the DOD Mighty Guardian program, evaluating security forces at military installations throughout the world.  In this role, Gabrielle facilitated multiple international workshops, instructing foreign colleagues on security operations and performance testing to prevent global nuclear proliferation.

Immediately prior to joining the PFC team, Gabrielle served as a NNSA Federal Program Manager and technical authority on security operations, program oversight, policy, and contractor performance.  She maintains a Top Secret clearance with DOE and received the 2018 Security Professional of the Year Award for the Department of Energy’s Nevada Field Office.

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