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C4C Police Jiu-Jitsu Two-Day Team Control, Custody, and Vehicle Extraction – Manhattan, KS


May 8 @ 8:00 am - May 9 @ 4:00 pm

Course Overview


Control and Custody Course-Solo and Team Applications

Students will learn fundamental principles to effectively control the clinch, execute takedowns, and control a suspect on the ground until custody is achieved. Students will learn both solo and team tactics during the course. De-escalation, communication between officers and suspects, and effective low-level control options will be taught and trained. 


The fundamental principles taught include the following:

-The Four Foundational PJJ Principles

-Three sub-categories to control any suspect

-Fundamental principles to score a high percentage LEO based takedowns

-Team tactics and communication to control suspects and achieve custody

-Core ground control strategies to control suspects and achieve custody effectively and safely

-Segmenting- The core PJJ System of safe and effective ground control

-Wall control to custody if walls are available in the training environment

-Dealing with suspect resistance in close quarters, including attempted strikes, attempted weapon grabs or presentations and refusing to obey verbal commands and present arms for handcuffing

-A custody system based on dominant position and physical control as the primary delivery system as opposed to strikes or intermediate weapon systems


The C4C PJJ Vehicle Extraction Tactics (C4CPJJ-VET) curriculum focuses on de-escalation, communication, vehicle assessment, and team tactics to remove uncooperative suspects from vehicles. Decision factors include the vehicle’s mobility, the crime committed, the type of suspect vehicle, and whether the suspect is known to be armed. Officers learn when to execute an extraction and, just as importantly, when patrol should not attempt a suspect extraction. Topics include communication details, team tactics with specific roles for officers, including team approach, lethal coverage, hands-on/extraction tactics, and team custody details, when to disengage, not to perform an extraction, or turn the situation over to a tactical team. The C4C VET course includes a PowerPoint chalk talk and lesson plan for attendees. 


All curriculum complies with the use of force case law and LEO best practices of using reasonable force to overcome suspect resistance. The PJJ Control and Custody Course allow officers to physically control resisting suspects and gain custody through handcuffing resisting suspects using low-level physical force.

**Course is available for Kansas State POST Training Hours**

Venue Details

Combative Sports Academy
Location: 116 S. 4th Street
Manhattan,KSUnited States

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Credit available at checkout.

Student Equipment

Appropriate attire for physical training (sturdy shirt/hoodie and BDU style pants)- Clean tennis shoes for multi-purpose mats or other surfaces-Wrestling shoes for sterile mat areas or barefoot
Applicable duty gear (LE, military, security, EP, etc.) to include gun belt if worn on duty-Low vis/plainclothes including concealment garments if plainclothes in duties
Blue Gun or Red Gun (if available for duty holster)
Handcuffs, handcuff key and handcuff carrier/pouch
BJJ Gi and rash guard/board shorts/no-gi gear optional-lunch time training
12 oz Boxing gloves and/or MMA-style gloves- no bag gloves
Note-taking materials
Officers should not have any live weapons or ammo- They can have training gear including training guns and knives


Students should bring lunch and suitable snacks for that day of training.