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C4C Police Jiu-Jitsu Level One – Battleground, WA


February 20 @ 8:00 am - February 24 @ 4:00 pm

Course Overview


C4C Police Jiu-Jitsu Level One (2/20-23, 2023) – $950.00/pp 

A “game plan” or course curriculum comes with each level that can be used as the department’s exact defensive tactics (DT) curriculum or supplement a department’s current DT curriculum. 

C4CPJJ Level 1 includes a bonus foundation level for officers without experience in DT or combatives. This foundational level material is perfect for an academy setting, for officers in an FTO position, or for police departments who do not have a current control/grappling curriculum and wish to transition to this type of training. 

C4CPJJ is a complete DT system based on the LEO’s reasonable outcomes of control and then custody. The foundation level sets the foundation, and level one allows officers to progress over time, realizing growth in their personal ability within the DT program. As officers continue to improve and grow, they will develop increased confidence, capability, control, and compassion for subjects that they may have to use force on. It is NOT a simple BJJ lesson plan called “LEO” Training.”

Level 1 -course topics include:

  • 4 Fundamental Principles that every DT program should have 3 Fundamental Sub-Categories of Subject Control
  • Use of force
  • Decision making 
  • De-escalation
  • Contact communication
  • Punch Defense
  • Control in solo officer and team settings Takedowns and takedown defense
  • Ground control and ground defense
  • Handcuffing
  • Weapon retention, weapon defense, and more. 

Instruction and demonstration of effective teaching strategies: 

  • Safely running combative training
  • Proven methods to plan a course or training day
  • Teaching methodology that enhances student recall and performance in the field 

Course Completion: 

Officers who successfully attend and complete the course will receive credit at the appropriate level. Students with extensive training, coaching, and LEO experience can be graded out higher by PJJ Instructors at a Level One course upon completion. Completing Level 2 or higher will authorize students to attend advanced C4CPJJ coursework (Levels 3-5) in the future. Students are encouraged to use the curriculum from the training within their department and share and teach the same to other officers. Graduates are not certified to teach or represent C4CPJJ outside of department duties without invitation and written authorization from Chad Lyman.


Limited to Active LEOs and Approved Civilians Only.

Credit available at checkout.

Student Equipment

Appropriate attire for physical training (sturdy shirt/hoodie and BDU style pants)
Applicable duty-gear (LE, military, security, EP, etc.)
Blue Gun or Red Gun (if available for duty holster)
Handcuffs, handcuff key and handcuff carrier/pouch
BJJ Gi or rash guard shirt optional
12 oz rated MMA style boxing gloves
Note-taking materials


Students should bring lunch and suitable snacks for that day of training.