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Academy of Protective Studies: Protective Pistol Skills (PPS) – Fredericksburg, VA


May 6, 2022 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Course Overview

Protective Pistol Skills (PPS) is the entirely range-based weapons-centric component of PFC’s nationally recognized Protective Security Operations Certification (PSOC*). PPS allows students to focus on a concealed handgun’s safe and practical use during protective operations. 

Training includes:

  • Combative handgun skills applicable to personal security
  • Principal Cover & Control Techniques
  • Lone Agent Protective Shooting (LAPS) Drills
  • Detail Assault Response & Evacuation (DARE) Drills
  • The PSOC/PPS Live Fire Skills Test***

Students will learn both individual and team-based tactics with firearms as they apply to third-person/principal defense. 


*Protection Agent Development (PAD) and Protective Pistol Skills (PPS) comprise the PSOC curriculum. 


*** Please note the following critical information regarding Protective Pistol Skills (PPS):
PPS is an advanced program, it is NOT a “how to shoot course.” All students must have a solid base of combative level handgun skills upon arrival.


These skills include but are not limited to:

1. Presenting the firearm safely from concealment
2. Engage multiple areas on the body to include headshots from intermediate distances
3. Accurately shoot one-handed
4. Operate on a fluid/dynamic range
5. Safely operate in close proximity to others


Those who arrive without the requisite skill level run a high risk of removal from training for cause and a higher level of failing to pass the live-fire skills test. The pace of the program will be subjective, based upon PFC protocols and group aptitude. Students must maintain a safe pace with their peers. It is critical that students bring ALL items of prescribed equipment to the program. This includes concealment holster (trigger finger actuated/SERPAs are forbidden), concealment garment(s), support equipment, quality ammunition, etc. A full equipment list will be provided upon registration.


Numerous students in the past have found themselves in the unenviable position of prematurely registering for PPS when they truly need a foundational course in a PFC progressive handgun course. PFC retains final judgment on ALL training and safety matters.


Enrollment: Open to active security professionals, law enforcement, Department of Defense, government agencies, eligible government contractors, and approved civilians with a security industry affiliation.


Pre-requisite: Approved prior commercial or occupational handgun training.


Course Fee: $300/per student


All applicants must be approved to register:

Please submit a Restricted Program Approval Request.

A course registration link will be sent upon approval. 


Credit available at checkout.