Las Vegas, NV
28 Jan 2023

Doug Janowicz

Deputy Chief Instructor

Doug Janowicz is a valuable asset to the PFC Group of Companies, equally skilled on both the training and operational fronts. Doug’s career began in the United States Navy where he served in Naval Special Warfare. Demonstrating mental and physical toughness, Doug was accepted to one of the world’s most grueling special operations selection programs. Completing the full Navy SEAL Qualification training pipeline, Doug was assigned to a Naval Special Warfare Group on the Eastern Seaboard. During this time, Doug completed combat deployments, which included training foreign nationals in special weapons and tactics and direct action missions as an Automatic Weapons Gunner and Sensitive Site Exploitation Team Leader. As a result of Doug’s performance and leadership, he was later assigned to a NSWG Training Detachment responsible for the annual training of more than 240 personnel in Advanced SEAL Land Warfare tactics.

After military service, Doug entered the private sector where he engaged in protective services for high net-worth individuals and gained experience supporting anti-piracy operations aboard commercial vessels.

Doug is currently assigned to PFC Headquarters in Las Vegas, NV as the Deputy Chief Instructor of PFC Training. In this role, he is responsible for supporting or leading hundreds of training events each year throughout North America and overseas. Doug also supports high-level executive protection operations for PFC Safeguards in California and Nevada on an ongoing basis.

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