Doug Gallaher

Staff Instructor

Mr. Gallaher recently culminated a 17-year career in the United States Navy as a Chief Petty Officer, combat veteran, and decorated SEAL operator. As a SEAL, he completed a total of four combat deployments to both Afghanistan and Iraq, where he was tested in all combat conditions, such as reacting under fire, fighting the war on drugs, conducting attacks, raids, and ambushes to collecting evidence that was used to prosecute enemy insurgents and terrorists.

He was entrusted by his SEAL Team leadership with critical leadership positions including; Team Leader, Point Man, Sniper, Lead Explosives Breacher where he lead and conducted countless combat operations.

After his combat deployments, Mr. Gallaher was assigned to the SEAL Training Detachment (TRADET) as the lead instructor from 2011-2012 for all east coast SEAL demolition operations. He successfully, trained and supervised over 180 live fire exercises, involving hundreds of SEAL’s with zero safety mishaps. After leaving active duty, Mr. Gallaher remains dedicated to the SEALs while serving in the Navy reserves.

Mr Gallaher has been an adjunct instructor at PFC for two years.

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