Chad Lyman

Director of Combatives

Chad Lyman has combined his years of operational law enforcement and Mixed Martial Arts experience to emerge as one of the nation’s leading defensive tactics trainers.  He is the consummate professional, trainer, and street cop whose dedication to students and the advancement of officer safety through modern tactics is unparalleled.  His intensive study and experience led to development of the comprehensive intermediate use-of-force training system; Code 4 Concepts.

Chad’s career began with a Bachelor’s Degree from Portland State University in Administration of Justice and double minor in History and Terrorism Studies.  Chad then entered into law enforcement as a full-time Police Officer with the Portland Police Bureau in the late 1990’s. There he distinguished himself as a key trainer of police personnel in the areas of defensive tactics and subject control.

Chad later moved to Southern Nevada to serve with a major metropolitan police department in 2004.  His responsibilities have included patrol, Field Training Officer, gang detective, Mobile Crimes Saturation Team (anti-terrorism), full-time SWAT operator, and in the training division as part of the Advanced Officer Skills Training (AOST) team.  Chad currently is assigned to the LVPPA (Union) as a SME in defensive tactics, use of force, and tactics.   He also holds multiple law enforcement user and instructor certifications including FTO, firearms, active shooter, riot/civil unrest, response to ambushes, instructor development, patrol procedures, vehicle extraction, room clearing, and advanced defensive tactics instructor.

Chad has trained in Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 1998 with some of the best teams in the world.  He currently serves as the head BJJ coach at Xtreme Couture MMA where he leads the curriculum, coaches, and manages the belts of students and coaches in the program.  Chad also serves as the head BJJ coach at Las Vegas Krav Maga and MMA where he serves in a similar manner.  Chad has taught Mixed Martial Arts/BJJ in Las Vegas since 2006.  Chad received his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2012, and is currently a 2nddegree Black Belt.  Because of his exceptional skills and coaching experience Chad has served as a personal ground fighting coach for several professional MMA competitors in the past.  In 2012, Chad was inducted in the Masters Martial Arts Hall of Fame for his work in the area of police and military defensive tactics.  Chad also serves as a certified MMA and BJJ judge for events in Las Vegas.

As the Director of Combatives for PFC, Chad is the Lead Instructor and primary curriculum developer for PFC’s Code 4 Concepts courses. He is also an instructor for PFC’s weapons, tactics and protective services courses delivered to military, law enforcement and security personnel.  Chad frequently serves as a featured instructor at training conferences throughout the U.S. to include ILLETA, NYTOA and TAC OPS East.  Chad has also been a featured guest on multiple national level podcasts.

As the C4C profile has grown within the public sector (military/LEO) and private sector (EP teams, security, MMA/BJJ gyms, qualified civilians) Chad has had opportunities to teach internationally as well as nationally.  C4C has developed a solid cadre of instructors to draw from to provide training remotely to clients, or set up training in Las Vegas.  Chad can lead training with military units, police departments, EP teams/security, MMA/BJJ (sport, fight, or street based), or civilian privates or small groups.  C4C curriculum includes both empty hand and weapon based training.




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