Brian Hartman

Executive Vice President / Chief Instructor

Brian Hartman began his career serving in the United States Marine Corps. Brian was hand-selected to serve at the American Embassy in Moscow, Russia, one of the most sensitive diplomatic missions. While in Russia, he rewrote the standard operating procedures for numerous hostile contingencies and conducted training for the detachment in the employment of these procedures. For actions under fire, his detachment was personally decorated by the President of the United States.

During his tenure overseas and throughout the continental United States, Brian worked and trained side-by-side with numerous specialized military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies in protective services, physical security and Close Quarters Battle. Brian served as an intelligence specialist and reconnaissance team leader/platoon sergeant. These operations included narcotics/illegal immigration interdiction operations in conjunction with the U.S. Border Patrol and DEA along the U.S./Mexico border.

After military service and earning a Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs from Xavier University, Brian began work in civilian law enforcement. As a full-time police officer, he earned numerous commendations and served as a firearms and defensive tactics instructor for commissioned personnel. He distinguished himself both operationally through high performance in the field, and as an evolutionary trainer in multiple disciplines making officers safer. To further develop his expertise in the realm of tactical training, Brian advanced into Special Response Team operations and instruction for a major federal agency. In this assignment, he rewrote standard operating procedures, developed training curriculum, and researched new technologies.

Through the years, Brian has made enormous contributions to the success of the PFC Group of Companies and attained the level of Executive Vice President. He currently serves as Chief Instructor for Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts, which includes delivery and oversight of hundreds of PFC Training programs each year, responsibility for PFC’s cutting edge curriculum development, and ongoing staff training for more than 40 PFC Instructors. Brian also remains active in protective operations, serves as an Adjunct Professor for the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and has numerous written works published by the NYTOA, NTOA, SWAT Digest and

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