Tony Newman

Director of Operations, PFC Asia Pacific

Tony Newman’s background includes over thirty years of international business ownership and management. As head of operations for PFC’s Asia Pacific branch, Tony provides planning and oversight for all training projects and protective security operations which often take place in high-risk settings. Tony was responsible for the design and build-out of a multi-function tactical training facility that was used to prepare indigenous personnel for the performance of protective services on behalf of high net-worth individuals and their families.

Tony is himself a veteran of numerous such assignments, and his ability to adapt to local culture, foreign business practices, and dynamic political environments has been instrumental in the successful completion of many challenging special projects. Tony holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and he serves as a Subject Matter Expert on international business for PFC Headquarters.

Tony is an accomplished PFC Instructor in tactical firearms, protective security operations, and protective driving operations. He also possesses a CrossFit Trainer Certification and serves as the Head Coach for CrossFit 3076 in Melbourne, Australia.

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