Threat Awareness and Response (TAR)

Course Details

Threat Awareness and Response focuses on recognizing threats in your environment and defining what practical defensive options are available. Not everyone has the time to dedicate to self-defense training or martial arts. However, with trained awareness skills, simple distance management techniques, and the correct delivery system, personal safety, and the confidence that comes with it are possible for anyone. TAR includes easy to learn defensive options and provides the knowledge and skills necessary to apply them during a bad situation. This course is suitable for anyone regardless of age, gender, or physical capabilities.

Course content will include but is not limited to:

  • Personal Defense Mindset – How you look at personal safety and security impacts your ability to avoid, stop, or escape a bad situation.
  • Environmental, Situation, and Personal Awareness – What mistakes are you making that can affect your’s and your family’s safety?
  • Individual Threat Analysis – What threats could be in your environment that you never see?
  • Recognizing Threats – What signs and signals do potential threats display that you can recognize and use to avoid, stop, or escape?
  • Managing Potential Threats– Once identified, what is the BEST method of dealing with the potential threat quickly and without using force?
  • Defensive Options – methods, skills, and strategies to avoid, stop or escape a bad situation.
  • Skill Demonstration & Drilling



Course Length: 3 Hours

Enrollment: Open to qualified citizens, law enforcement, security personnel, Department of Defense, and government agencies/contractors

Pre Requisites: None

Cost: $75.00 per student

Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to book off-line: 702.647.1126