Structure Clearing And Domination (SCAD)

Course Details

This two-day tactical training course designed primarily for law enforcement and military personnel will expose the end-user to Progressive FORCE Concepts’ innovative and proven methods for safely clearing structures while mitigating risk.  Topics covered include the PFC Principles of Indoor Combat, structure traits, and dynamics, door management, methods of entry, confined space clearance, operating on stairs, subject management, contingency preparations, actions-on-contact, compound problems, variable team composition, low-light operation, and proof of concept scenarios.  Whether you’re an officer from an agency with the desire to evolve your protocols or a member of a newly established team, this curriculum is a vital resource.  With all evolutions occurring dry, technical drilling is rapid, intense and continuous with little to no downtime.  For many consecutive years, PFC’s structure clearing and CQB classes have remained one of the most popular blocks of instruction at the annual New York Tactical Officers Association conference.  Don’t miss this expanded and ever-evolving training opportunity.

Course Length: 2 Days

Enrollment: Open to law enforcement, Department of Defense, government agencies, eligible government contractors, and approved security personnel

Pre Requisites: Prior occupational use of force training

Cost - Las Vegas, NV: $450.00 Per Student

Cost - Mobile Program: $450.00 Per Student (15 student minimum)

Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to book off-line: 702.647.1126