Course Details

Residential Security Operations Certification is a full-scale 4-day training and qualification course designed for personnel active on estate security details or individuals interested in entry-level protective detail positions.  PFC’s acclaimed EP curriculum is considered by many teams and corporations as a prerequisite for employment.  Now, the contemporary methods and best practices for Residential Security Operations developed by PFC Safeguards are available to eligible students through this comprehensive, career-building course.

With a mix of academics, case studies, practical application, and scenario training, RSOC students will learn how to be successful in high net-worth family residential settings.  PFC teaches a modern approach to protective customer service, where client comfort and convenience are balanced with safety and security.  This blending of hard skills and soft skills training gives PFC graduates the edge during field operations and client interaction.  This is even more important in family/residential environments where many problems must be solved with finesse, expertise, and skilled decision making.  RSOC will give you these tools.

RSOC training topics include:

  • Fundamentals of Residential Security
  • RSO Standard Operating Procedures; Current Best Practices
  • Property Protection Strategy & Physical Security
  • Establishing Operational Posture, Advantages, & Protocol
  • Security Control Room/Command Post Organization & Operation
  • Estate Security Technology
  • Perimeter Control & Patrol Procedures
  • Interpersonal Communications; Client/Staff/Visitor Interaction
  • Neighbor Interaction & Intelligence
  • Screening Visitors, Vendors, Mail, & Packages
  • Confrontation Management & Verbal Diffusion
  • Managing Special Events & High Guest Presence
  • Administrative Practices & Reports
  • Protective Intelligence & Residential Security Applications
  • Person-of-Interest (POI) Management
  • Responding to Medical & Trauma Emergencies
  • First Responder Communications & Coordination
  • Executive Protection Team Support
  • Modern Use-of-Force & Legal Responsibilities
  • Protective Physical Defense Skills
  • RSOC Protective Pistol Skills
  • Emergency Action Procedures
  • Tactical Indoor Defense & Evacuation Skills
  • Live Fire & UTM Hard-pointing Drills
  • Live Fire & UTM Client Evacuation Drills
  • Low, Medium, & High Threat Security Response Scenario Training

The role of a residential security professional is a unique and challenging specialty.  This course will give graduates the core knowledge, skills, and abilities to excel in this vital element of protective operations.

Course Length: 4 Days

Enrollment: Restricted Program; Eligible students include active security professionals or individuals with an approved security industry affiliation, law enforcement, Department of Defense, government agencies, and sponsored/authorized government contractors.

Pre Requisites: None

Cost - Las Vegas, NV: $1,495.00 per student

Cost - Mobile Program: $1,795.00 per student

Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to book off-line: 702.647.1126