Las Vegas, NV
04 Aug 2021

Reid Haskamp

Staff Instructor

Reid Haskamp has excelled as an agent and team leader in the professional security industry for many years.  He has extensive experience performing protective security details overseas in non-permissive environments under the most demanding of conditions.

Mr. Haskamp’s professional background includes service in the United States Marine Corps where he was stationed in a number of Asian countries, to include service in Vietnam.  His government service also entailed time spent in the field of law enforcement.  Reid worked a variety of assignments, including SWAT operations, investigations, undercover operations and command of internal affairs.

Reid has most notably served as a protection agent on behalf of the United States Department of State on high threat details in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  In these countries he was responsible for the protection of a number of dignitaries, including the United States Ambassador.

With extensive experience in the region, Reid is an authority on operations and training in Latin America.  He serves as a Protection Agent for PFC Safeguards and Adjunct Instructor for PFC Training.  Reid’s instructional specialties include firearms, tactics and protective services.

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