Protective Physical Defense (PPD)

Course Details

Protective Physical Defense skills are a must for personnel assigned to personal security details.  This full 2-day course expands on the PPD topics presented in PFC’s flagship executive protection training program, PSOC.  Students will learn critical subject matter intended to give them an education in intermediate use-of-force and an advantage for safely resolving physical confrontations. Topics covered include: Use of Force Review, Protective Foot Formations, Shield Steps, Spin & Screen, Arm Hauls, Team Takedowns, Edged Weapon Defense, Gauge & Flow, Punch Defense, Ground Defense & Recovery & Weapon Retention. Not all days are routine and not all threats require a firearm. A sound protective combatives base is everything.


Course Length: 1 Day

Enrollment: Open to active security professionals, law enforcement, Department of Defense, government agencies, eligible government contractors

Pre Requisites: None

Cost - Las Vegas, NV: $280.00 per student

Cost - Mobile Program: $340.00 per student (student minimum based on location)

Please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to book off-line: 702.647.1126