September 2011 Newsletter
2011 has seen unprecedented growth for PFC, with new training hosts across the country, new instructors, a new website and a brand-new headquarters facility in Las Vegas.  We have a LOT to share.  This new monthly newsletter format will keep you current with all things PFC.  Stay tuned for news, articles, videos, training enhancements and more hitting your inbox once every month. 
PFCrossFit is Blowing Up!

Our PFCF Grand Opening was a huge success.  After out-growing our last training center in just 12 months, PFC moved into a new 4,000 sq. ft. building to accommodate 30 CF classes per week.  Athletes from all over Las Vegas came to check out our new facility and to test themselves in a competitive workout of the day (WOD) comprised of four separate divisions.   A big “Thank You” to everyone who helped spread the word and came out to support the event.  Bragging rights went to Ann Taylor, Hank Vose, Kim Smith and Brandon Collingsworth for winning their respective divisions in the hellacious “Fight Gone Worse” WOD.  Our new location boasts more training space, more equipment and even more of that distinctive “PFC Intensity.”  So come out and road-test the new box.  We think you’ll love it!

Our Congratulations to the Graduates of FSOC Class #611.

Good luck on your upcoming deployments.  Come back safe!


Sign up for these upcoming PFC Courses and fast-track your skills! 

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The Pistolcraft and Carbine Operator Series represent much of what PFC is best known for… effective tactics that are logical and learnable.  If you’ve always wanted to run your gun like a pro, THIS is where it happens.  NOTHING is held back.  In these courses you will be exposed to the core concepts of PFC’s proprietary curriculum.  Get yourself here, do the work and watch your performance explode.  Check the dates and cities below and contact our office to enroll.Remaining 2011 Training Dates:Sep 10-11, Combative Pistolcraft, El Centro, CA $375.00
Oct 3, Defensive Pistolcraft, Las Vegas, NV $175.00
Oct 3-5 Advanced Carbine Tactics, San Antonio, TX $550
Oct 4-5, Combative Pistolcraft, Las Vegas, NV $375.00
Oct 6-8, Advanced Pistolcraft, Las Vegas, NV $550.00
Nov 7, Defensive Carbine Operator, Las Vegas, NV $175.00
Nov 8-9, Combative Carbine Skills, Las Vegas, NV $375.00
Nov 10-12, Advanced Carbine Tactics, Las Vegas, NV $550.00

Thank you for your time, service to your communities and continued support of PFC.  We look forward to training with you soon!
Stay safe,
The PFC TeamProgressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts, LLC