Welcome to the second installment in our new series of monthly newsletters.  These newsletters are designed to keep you current with all things PFC.  We hope you enjoy our October issue and that you continue to stay plugged in for all the latest PFC news, articles, videos, and more hitting your inbox.  Our staff is charging hard into the 4th quarter of 2011.  So far this year, we’ve conducted 83 courses around the U.S. and we have 24 more events set before 2012.  If you’re scheduled to attend one of our upcoming open or restricted programs in the next few months, we look forward to training with you soon! 
PSOC Continues to Gain Recognition. 

The PFC Protective Security Operations Certification (PSOC) is being increasingly recognized as the definitive training program of its kind.  PSOC is the only protective services course in the nation to be accredited by a major university; the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and is also POST-approved by the State of California.  PFC is now pleased to announce that effective this September, PSOC was granted POST-approval by the State of Nevada.  If you’ve been looking for this type of training, with POST certificationand college credits, there’s still time to call our office to see if you qualify for inclusion in the October PSOC program. Read more about October’s PSOC here
Where’s your head at?

BH trauma class

Sometimes we get in a rut.  Especially when it comes to training.  Doing the same thing day in and day out often leads to complacency.  And it is the rare individual who possesses the self-discipline to keep pushing, to keep improving when the only thing at stake is personal excellence. But this is what we should always aspire to; accepting nothing less than the very best from ourselves.  In his article “The Voice”, PFC Chief Instructor Brian Hartman clearly articulates the importance of having the right mindset when training.  This article was originally written about physical training for a CrossFit audience, but its message is universal. Read it, print it out, read it again, and then put the words into action.  “The Voice”
2012 Mobile Training Programs Now Forming!

Students on firing line

PFC is now accepting Training Host requests for the coming calendar year.  This is the perfect opportunity to bring world-class PFC training to your unit, agency, or range facility.  Hosts receive free training slots and other incentives for providing training space and local support.  Open, Restricted and Custom Programs are available.  Contact PFC HQ for more information at (702) 647-1126 or email us at [email protected]
2011 may be winding down, but there are still plenty of opportunities this year for you to sharpen your skills.  Sign up for one of these upcoming PFC Courses and make it happen! 

cepia AK

The Pistolcraft and Carbine Operator Courses represent much of what PFC is best known for… effective tactics that are logical and learnable.  If you’ve always wanted to run your gun like a pro, THIS is where it happens.  NOTHING is held back.  In these courses you will be exposed to the core concepts of PFC’s proprietary curriculum.

Remaining 2011 Open Programs:

Oct 2, PFC Pistol Clinic (0800-1100), Las Vegas, NV $60.00
Oct 3-5 Advanced Carbine Tactics, San Antonio, TX $550  Enroll
Oct 6-8, Advanced Pistolcraft, Las Vegas, NV $550.00  Enroll
Oct 9-11, Protective Driving Operations Cert., Las Vegas, NV
Oct 12-15, Protection Agent Development (PSOC), Las Vegas, NV
Oct 16, Protective Pistol Skills (PSOC), Las Vegas, NV
Nov 7, Defensive Carbine Operator, Las Vegas, NV $175.00  Enroll
Nov 8-9, Combative Carbine Skills, Las Vegas, NV $375.00  Enroll
Nov 10-12, Advanced Carbine Tactics, Las Vegas, NV $550.00  Enroll
Dec 4, PFC Pistol Clinic, Las Vegas, NV $60.00
Dec 14-18, Protective Security Operations Cert. (PSOC), Austin, TX

Thank you for your support and don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be a resource to you.  Til next time, stay safe.

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The PFC Team