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PFC Instructor Spotlight: Anne Walton

In late 2012 PFC began forging a specialized effort to better meet the needs of our clients. Composed of a network of intelligence analysts, subject matter experts and industry professionals, PFC is proud to add training in Intelligence & Analysis Specialties as an instructional capability.


PFC Senior Analyst, Anne Walton, is leading this initiative. Anne’s professional career encompasses a mix of government service contracting, investigative activities and entrepreneurial endeavors. As the founder of Analysts Compass, LLC, an analytical education and training company and creator of the blog,, she has developed innovative training courses, educational curriculum and material for use by compliance, security and law enforcement professionals working in both the public and private sectors.


“Everything Fails…”

This month’s drill focuses on bringing ourselves to failure through the overlapping use of speed and fatigue. & - & – “Everything Fails…”

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Upcoming Featured Training:
Code 4 Tactics Instructor Certification
July 8-11, Las Vegas NV


C4T-IC is a principle-based 4-day program that prepares students to teach the revolutionary Code 4 Concepts defensive tactics curriculum.  C4C has been the favored curriculum for military units, law enforcement agencies, and select security professionals since 2006.  Over 98% of all clients have rated C4C training as excellent.  Learn how to defend against attacks, gain dominant positions of control and resolve combative encounters.  Students will be taught principles and concepts that make them hard to hit and hard to take down by any opponent, skilled or unskilled.  The core methods of C4C allow students to stay mobile, maintain the ability to transition and/or disengage.  C4T-IC curriculum is a mix of the top training concepts and models from law enforcement and the world of combative arts.  Graduates of C4T-IC will learn world class coaching methodologies and drills so that they, or anyone else they train, can quickly learn and retain what is taught.  Instructor Development will be the focus of this course.  This is not a “gentleman’s course” and attendees will be tested and evaluated.  Evaluations will consist of a written exam, student-led presentation and C4C skills test.   Graduates of C4T-IC will be certified to teach Code 4 Concepts curriculum to individuals within their own agency or approved organization.


PFC Training Schedule! 


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July 8-11 – Code 4 Tactics Instructor Certification
Las Vegas, NV
July 20 – Small Knife Skills Seminar @ PFC HQ
Las Vegas, NV
July 24-27 – Border Security Operator Course (BSOC)
Phoenix, AZ
July 28-29 – Structure Clearing And Domination
Phoenix, AZ
Aug 3 – Pistol Skills & Drills Cinic
Las Vegas, NV
Aug 5-8 – Combative Pistol Instructor Cert. (CPIC)
Las Vegas, NV
Aug 31 – Progressive Carbine 1; Fighting Foundation
Las Vegas, NV
Sept 1 – Progressive Carbine 2; Fighting Positions
Las Vegas, NV
National Capitol Region / Vienna, VA
Sept 12-13 – Structure Clearing & Domination
Pomona, NY
Rockland County Police Academy
Sept 16-20 – Protective Security Operations Certification (PSOC)
Austin, TX – Hosted by TTPOA
Sept 23-27 – Full Spectrum Operator Course (FSOC)
Las Vegas, NV
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