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PFC Instructor Spotlight: Doug Janowicz

Doug Janowicz is a valuable asset as an instructor and protection agent with the PFC Group of Companies. Equally skilled on both the training and operational fronts, Doug is able to seamlessly transition between instructing various training courses and moving high level clients safely through all types of environments.


Doug’s professional career began in the United States Navy. Demonstrating mental and physical toughness, Doug was accepted to one of the world’s most grueling special operations selection programs; Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL School. Completing the full Navy SEAL Qualification training pipeline, Doug was assigned to a Naval Special Warfare Group on the Eastern Seaboard. During this time, Doug completed combat deployments, which included training foreign nationals in special weapons and tactics. Additionally, Doug was assigned to a Joint Task Force tasked with direct action missions as an Automatic Weapons Gunner and Sensitive Site Exploitation Team Leader. As a result of Doug’s excellence and leadership, he was eventually assigned to a NSWG Training Detachment responsible for the annual training of more than 240 personnel in Advanced SEAL Land Warfare tactics.

PFC conducts an overview of the newest incarnation of the ingenious High Threat Concealment Low Profile System. - HTC Low Profile System – High Threat Concealment Low Profile System

PFC CrossFit: 12-Week “Strength Cycle”


PFC CrossFit Programming Flexes Its Muscles

Doing a variety of lifts more than once a week pays dividends for people’s longevity in fitness as well as translates to their better performance during WODs. It’s nice that people can kip a pull up, but if they don’t have the proper strength to do a strict pull up or move a relatively heavy load overhead, an injury is inevitable when volume is too high.


The 12-week “strength cycle” PFC recently started in our CrossFit classes created a dynamic marriage with our WOD programming. There are 3 weeks on and a week of de-load. Keeping a variety of lifts will help shy away from over-training. There will be 3 lifts a week – 2 lower body and 1 upper body, as well as assistance work that ties in with each WOD. A good example of assistance work is the banded push-ups being coupled with behind the head strict press.


While we are not trying to take our brand of CrossFit to a competitive level, it must be acknowledged that the direction CrossFit has moved since its inception is bigger, stronger, faster. In 60 minutes, a killer WOD and some time dedicated to strength/skill work will help our athletes progress faster.


Upcoming Featured Training:
Combative Pistol Instructor Certification (CPIC)
August 5-8, Las Vegas NV


PFC’s CPIC is a complete 4-day pistol instructor program designed to impart the fundamentals of teaching handgun skills and managing pistol training for armed professionals. CPIC standards exceed every private, state, military or federal firearms certification process currently in existence. Students must successfully pass 6 examinations scoring no lower than 100% on 1 and no lower than 90% on the remaining 5. Topics covered include but are not limited to: safety, instructor development, risk analysis, remediation, development of live-fire evolutions, as well as progressive operation and instruction of the semi-automatic handgun weapon system. Evaluations consist of a comprehensive written exam, Limited Scope Performance Test (LSPT), Live Fire Skills Test (LFST), classroom presentation, student-led live fire evolution, and construction of a hazard mitigating risk analysis tool. Graduates will be able to safely instruct students in handgun fundamentals as well as develop and run live-fire evolutions and qualification courses. Due to the proprietary information taught in this program, CPIC applicants are screened on a case-by-case basis. Graduates of this instructor program will be provided with a detailed manual and handgun training curriculum authorized for use within their own organization, department or unit.

PFC Training Schedule! 


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July 24-27 – Border Security Operator Course (BSOC)
Phoenix, AZ
July 28-29 – Structure Clearing And Domination
Phoenix, AZ
Aug 3 – Pistol Skills & Drills Cinic
Las Vegas, NV
Aug 5-8 – Combative Pistol Instructor Cert. (CPIC)
Las Vegas, NV
Aug 17 – Tactical Indoor Defense & Evacuation (TIDE)
Portland, OR
Aug 18 – Progressive Handgun 3; Movement Under Fire
Portland, OR
Aug 31 – Progressive Carbine 1; Fighting Foundation
Las Vegas, NV
Sept 1 – Progressive Carbine 2; Fighting Positions
Las Vegas, NV
National Capitol Region / Vienna, VA
Sept 12-13 – Structure Clearing & Domination
Pomona, NY
Rockland County Police Academy
Sept 15 – Progressive Handgun 1; Fighting Foundation
Uniondale, NY
Sept 16-20 – Protective Security Operations Certification (PSOC)
Austin, TX – Hosted by TTPOA
Sept 23-27 – Full Spectrum Operator Course (FSOC)
Las Vegas, NV
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