Instructor Spotlight – PFC Director, Steve Krystek
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   PFC Instructor Spotlight: Steve Krystek

After 15 months of newsletters and profiling other
staff members, this month we spotlight the owner and Executive Director of PFC.  Steve founded Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts over 16 years ago and has evolved with the organization as a trainer, operator and now manager of the PFC Group of Companies based in Las Vegas, NV.

Steve Krystek’s professional history includes a respectable mix of operational law enforcement, security, military and related training experience. He is an accomplished instructor and credited with the development of more than 40 tactical training programs for various U.S. Military and Federal Government organizations.



See The Latest Firearms Drill Video:
“American Missionary”

This months drill focuses on getting the word out… going outside your circle of friends & shooters to create new, responsible, invested Americans.

PFCtraining & -
PFCtraining & – “American Missionary”


PFCrossfit Nutrition; Paleo Benefits

It’s that time of year again! Don’t let your New Year’s resolutions fail!   The Paleo Diet is a nutritional approach to reprogramming your genetics. This lifestyle change not only provides individuals with amazing physical results, but can also prevent and even REVERSE signs of certain diseases; such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and diabetes. Eating like our ancestors can make us beautiful from the inside out!

This website below provides in-depth information on the Paleo Diet from different perspectives, nutritionally as well as scientifically. It also explains the specific benefits in comparison to other diets.  Check out the link for information on how to get started. Remember, “Someday” is not a day of the week.

What us the Paleo Diet by Robb Wolf

Below are before and after pictures of some of our PFC staff members and trainers. These pictures were all taken about a year apart. See how hard work and dedication to CrossFit as well as implementing a Paleolithic lifestyle has helped our team reach their fitness goals.   Everyone has to start somewhere.  Make today your day to start!


Upcoming Featured Training:
March 23 & 24 – Progressive Handgun 1 & 2  
Las Vegas, Nevada



‘PH1; Fighting Foundation’ – Training represents the cutting edge of combative pistol shooting with an emphasis on concealed carry applications and personal defense scenarios. This course is the cornerstone of the PFC Progressive Shooting Doctrine.  1-Day/$200.00 per person.

‘PH2; Fighting Positions’ – Extended ranges, angles of engagement, injuries and barricades often require usage of special positions and tactics to maximize fighting effectiveness.
1-Day/200.00 per person.

     PFC Training Schedule!      cepia AK   
Register early to guarantee enrollment!

Jan 19 – Small Knife Skills, Las Vegas, NV



Feb 18-22 – Full Spectrum Operator Course, Las Vegas, NV



Mar 3 – Carbine Skills & Drills Clinic, Las Vegas, NV



Mar 23 – Progressive Handgun 1; Fighting Foundation

Las Vegas, NV



Mar 24 – Progressive Handgun 2; Fighting Positions

Las Vegas, NV



Mar 25-29 – Protective Security Operations Certification (PSOC)

Austin, Texas


May 13-15 – Protective Driving Operations Certification
Las Vegas, NV
May 16-19 –

PSOC/Protection Agent Development (PAD)
Las Vegas, NV
May 20 – PSOC/Protective Pistol Skills (PPS)
Las Vegas, NV

See the complete PFC Training Schedule Page for more!

We hope everyone’s New Year is off to a great start.  Check our website, Facebook and YouTube channel for frequent updates.  Stay safe and train hard!

Best regards,
The PFC Team

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