Wow, we are only one month into 2012 and it already seems as though the PFC engine has been kicked into overdrive.  Despite our robust schedule of training courses, new projects and classes continue to populate the calendar.  And every time we tell ourselves that PFC can’t possibly get any busier, well, it seems that we can.  We attribute our break-neck pace to the positive experiences of our students which in turn fuels the demand for even more courses in more places.  This is the kind of thing that is best explained by the phrase “a win-win”!

Our February newsletter brings more news and information direct from PFC HQ.  In this edition we have an excellent article from PFC Director Steve Krystek where he breaks down the ins and outs of flashlight use for personal protection. There is a TON of great information in this article, be sure to check it out. We also have some great feedback from the very first TIDE class which just wrapped up in New York at the headquarters of  You can check that out below as well as our latest instructor profile; this one featuring Sean Hendrickson.  Enjoy! 

PFC Instructor Spotlight – Meet PFC Instructor, Sean Hendrickson!
Sean running in kit


In this installment ofInstructor Spotlight, we get to know Sean Hendrickson.  Sean has been a long-time adjunct instructor for PFC and is the latest full-time addition to the headquarters team.  A genuinely multifaceted instructor, Sean takes the lead in a variety of training courses including  tactical firearms, combatives, protective services and even bike officer training.  Sean is also an enthusiastic combat-athlete and here at PFC HQ, you will often see him running CrossFit workouts while demonstrating that special kind of “tough love” that PFC instructors and coaches are known for.  Read More


Tactical Indoor Defense & Evacuation (TIDE) debuts to rave reviews at the new headquarters in NY!    

The first-ever TIDE course was recently held in New York at’s brand-new headquarters facility.  Student response was overwhelmingly positive (you can read it for yourself below).  TIDE teaches armed professionals and citizens how to safely defend themselves or someone else indoors.  TIDE covers such vital topics as structure clearing, defense in-place and tactical decision-making through lecture, technical drilling and practical exercises.  A big THANK YOU is in order to, and for supporting this event.  Click the link to read what these students thought about TIDE class #1 and how to be a part of the next TIDE class (and the debut of TIDE 2)! Read More 


Upcoming Featured Event

PSOC in San Diego, CA!  March 27-31 at the American Shooting Center.

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Training Schedule; Coming Soon!
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Feb 5, Carbine Skills & Drills Clinic, Las Vegas, NV  Enroll
Feb 6-9, PSOC/Protection Agent Development, LV, NV *
Feb 10, PSOC/Protective Pistol Skills, LV, NV *
Mar 4, Pistol Skills & Drills Clinic, Las Vegas, NV  Enroll
Mar 24, Progressive Handgun 1, Las Vegas, NV  Enroll
Mar 27-30, PSOC/Protection Agent Development, San Diego, CA *
Mar 31, PSOC/Protective Pistol Skills, San Diego, CA *
Apr 15, Progressive Carbine 1, Las Vegas, NV Enroll
Apr 16-19, PSOC/Protection Agent Development, Phoenix, AZ *
Apr 20, PSOC/Protective Pistol Skills, Phoenix, AZ *
May 1-3, NYTOA Training Conference & Expo, Verona, NY
May 5, Tactical Indoor Defense & Evacuation (TIDE), NY Enroll
May 6, Tactical Indoor Defense & Evacuation II (TIDE 2) NY Enroll

* Clearance required to enroll.  Contact PFC HQ to register.

Thank you for your ongoing support and for staying “plugged in” to PFC.  Check our Facebook page and YouTube channel for frequent updates.  We look forward to seeing you at a course soon!

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