Las Vegas, NV
28 Jan 2023

Jay Wadsworth

Senior Staff Instructor

Jay Wadsworth brings to PFC a highly qualified background of instructional capabilities and law enforcement experience with over 17 years of service as a police officer and instructor.

Jay became a police officer for an agency in western New York in 2001.  In 2008 Jay became a member of the SWAT Team.  During his time on SWAT he has had many rolls from entry team operator, in 2012 he was promoted to an assistant team leader and then to team leader in 2014.  Jay also is the chemical munitions instructor for the team.

Jay is currently in charge of tactical training and development for his agency’s SWAT team. He provides lead instruction in chemical munitions, dynamic entries, vehicle assaults, and defensive tactics. Jay is also the Director of Defensive Tactics for the NYTOA.  Jay has recently worked lead with NYS DCJS to develop a defensive tactics standard for DT Instructor Certification and Basic Academy DT in New York.  He is one of the lead Defensive tactics instructors at his regional academy.

In addition to his tactical and combative knowledge, Jay is an accomplished martial artist in MMA and a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Jay has competed at the highest levels and continues to compete at the present time.

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