Covert Operations & Protective Surveillance (COPS) April 2019

April 15 – 17, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

Modern protective operations (especially of the low visibility nature) often require judgment, discretion and unique skills.  Particularly, it is critical that security personnel possess the ability to perform surveillance in support of the principal, property, venues or distinctive operational needs that may emerge.  From corporate confidentiality to workplace violence to special events, the Protection Agent must be capable of becoming one with the environment, working with and disseminating information as part of a team, all while gathering data through the establishment of exploitable patterns.  Training during the three-day COPS course will include surveillance theory & practice, types of surveillance applicable to protective services, fixed operations, mobile operations (foot & vehicular), counter-surveillance measures, surveillance detection, pre-attack surveillance case studies, protective surveillance, and multiple field training exercises.  Over 70% of this program will entail performance-based practical application of the skills taught and lessons learned.

Length: 3 Days

Enrollment: Open to active security professionals, law enforcement, Department of Defense, government agencies, eligible government contractors, and approved civilians with a security industry affiliation. Contact PFC HQ at 702-647-1126 or by email at

Pre-requisite: None

Cost – Las Vegas, NV: $795.00 per student
Cost – Mobile Program: $795.00 per student (varied student minimum)

FULL & CLOSED. Contact PFC to get on the waiting list. 

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