Code 4 Concepts

Code 4 Concepts (C4C) is the arm of PFC Training that delivers intermediate use-of-force, subject control, physical defense and combatives instruction. C4C is a comprehensive system based on proven methods and principles that allow users to stop or dominate combative events. Chad Lyman, PFC’s Director of Combatives, is the founder and primary curriculum developer of Code 4 Concepts. Chad’s background and progressive approach to combative problem solving has resulted in the formation of a simple, direct and effective system of intermediate force options for all ranges. C4C out performs other defensive training systems because it is principle-based as opposed to technique-based. Most military, law enforcement, and martial arts training involves numerous techniques that must be learned, perfected and remembered. These techniques often break down and fail in an actual fight, and the officers trained in a technique-based program do not have the ability to adapt or overcome failures in an effective way. C4C graduates learn core principles that lead to them dominating physical encounters. Principles are knowledge that can be learned, understood, and applied in any fight, whether standing, on the ground, weapon based, in a vehicle, etc. Once a student grasps the correct principles of a combative encounter, they can achieve positions of advantage before or during a fight and then work to dictate the outcome.