Code 4 Concepts; Edged Weapon Defense (C4C-EWD)

Course Details

C4C Edged Weapons Defense is a principle-based course giving students specific strategies, tactics and techniques for prevailing in edged weapon encounters. Students will learn the I-CAT method for countering and defending against edged weapon attacks, transitioning to the offense, and employing the best options available to end the confrontation. The C4C doctrine of incorporating personal weapons and defensive tools, empty-hand combative skills, and various force options will also be taught to support responses for edged weapon attacks. Training will also include practical use of folding and fixed blade knives for close quarters defense, weapon retention, escaping from positions of disadvantage, using clothing against opponents, ground defense applications and dominating attackers on the ground. All material taught in this course has been proven successful during real-world confrontations and will help prepare students to defend themselves during dynamic edged weapon scenarios.

Course Length: 1 Day

Enrollment: Open to law enforcement, corrections, public safety/first responders, security personnel, citizens, Department of Defense, government agencies and contractors, security instructors, and approved civilian trainers

Pre Requisites: None

Cost - Las Vegas, NV: $305.00 Per Student

Cost - Mobile Program: $305.00 Per Student (varied student minimum)

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